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We are committed to delivering the very best guided mountain bike adventures possible and we’re proud of our amazing guide team.


Since 2001 we’ve been researching riding regions and developing partnerships with the very best leaders around the globe. We’ve run hundreds of trips and hosted over a thousand mountain bikers. We’re constantly reviewing logistics, discussing feedback with our riders and examining our client evaluation forms to improve our riders’ experience, and itineraries, at every turn.

Local Experts.

To execute a successful mountain bike adventure in a far-away country requires intimate local knowledge. Not only knowing which way to turn on the trail and how to speak the language, but also how to solve mechanical issues where bike shops might not exist, or deal with unexpected logistical challenges or unexpected changes in trail conditions or extreme weather in exposed remote places, and so much more. Our guides are the best guides in each location. Plus they’ll take you deeper into a region, offering you insight that will make your riding trip truly unforgettable.


Our guides are extraordinary people with the single goal of delivering once-in-a-lifetime mountain bike adventures. They are versed on the type of trails that our riders are seeking and versed on high-performance bikes and their mechanics. They are passionate about mountain biking, about respecting the environment and local population and about sharing the region’s cultural, historical and cuisine highlights. Most importantly, our guides adhere to Big Mountain’s protocol for rider safety and rider service.

Here are just a few of our guides that are ready to show you their culture, stunning scenery and amazing trails on your next Big Mountain Bike Adventures’ trip.

Meet Our Guides

Through years of research and experience, endless rides and extensive travel we've uncovered fantastic trails riding regions around the globe. Along with our partners and guides we've collectively developed trips that we think you'll truly enjoy. Come ride with us!

Chris Winter
Raised with Michelin maps of France strewn across the kitchen table and parents discussing logistics for month-long European cycling trips with a group of 25 cyclists, Chris was born into planning and developing bike trips. He is passionate about travel, adventure, culture, sharing amazing experiences and really fun singletrack riding.
Italy 'Mighty Dolomites'
A man of the mountains.
Based in beautiful Pemberton, BC, Emily is at home in the mountains. Specifically, she's at home riding her bike in big and remote mountains; guiding & coaching riders, exploring with friends and winning enduro races like the four-day Trans-Cascadia. She's one of the best mountain bikers you'll ever ride with, as humble and friendly as can be and a true professional guide.
Alessandro / Louise
There is simply no one better than Paulo to show you real Costa Rican singletrack mountain biking. Wicked, technical and big trails that even locals don't know about. Beneath Paulo's layed back and soft-spoken demeanor is a strong rider both up and down, a kind person and consummate professional on all aspects of a great mountain bike adventure.
SWITZERLAND 'Cloudraker'
Lausanne-based Myriam grew up doing activities in the Swiss mountains. She was professional mountain bike racer from 2007-2011 and today she spends her time as a sports trainer, mountain bike coach, skills coach and professional guide. Let Myriam show you her amazingly beautiful big mountain backyard.
Prayash Tamang
Iceland 'Tectonic Treasures'
A consummate mountain bike guide and true lover of her native Iceland, there is no one more qualified than Anna to share with you this beautiful island, from it's wide-open and rugged natural landscapes to its unique and quirky character that'll surely surprise you.


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