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Journey far above the Arctic Circle to Norway’s stunning Lofoten archipelago

Sunshine & Singletrack


It’s time to put that sweet margarita down, wade out of the swim-up bar and cover up that sunburn.

Land of Plenty


This riding adventure starts in the city of Antigua with its magnificent Spanish colonial relics, cobblestone streets, pastel facades surrounded by volcanoes and lush forests.

Tuscany Women's Only


Unpack once and enjoy all things Tuscan including fun cross-country singletrack our the door of our hotel.

Aegean Dream Woman's Only


Discover the beautiful Greek Aegean islands by mountain bike and a private 32-meter yacht.



This trip has become a serious classic and a must-do for passionate riders longing for the ultimate Alps trip.

Unforgettable Andes


The culture is unforgettable, the landscape is unforgettable and the riding is from another world: massive descents, endless flowing singletrack, challenging technical sections, great climbs and everything in between.

Middle Earth

New Zealand

If you are to do one New Zealand trip in your lifetime, this is it. Bucket list!

Himalaya Heights


Nepal is on most of our bucket lists and there's a reason why. It is home to eight of the world's ten highest mountains; the landscapes are diverse and the views staggering.

Dirt Merchant


We begin this adventure in Marrakech, the stunning 1000 year-old ochre-colored city with a vibrant street life, a funky old Medina and chaos of cultures with a European flavour.

Dolce Vita


Tucked up in north-western Italy, just down from Monaco is the spectacular coastal mountainous region of Liguria.

Mighty Dolomites


"The most beautiful mountains on the planet” described famous climber Reinhold Messner of the Dolomites.

Tectonic Treasures


To visit Iceland is to witness the earth as it transforms itself before your eyes.

Equator Escape


We’ll start this great adventure in the capital city; UNESCO World Heritage designated Quito, which has the most preserved historic center in Latin America.

Pura Vida

Costa Rica

Join us on our favorite winter mountain bike holiday as we head south to the tropics.

Sea to Sky


First stop is bike-crazy Whistler with its groundbreaking bike park, vibrant village, beautiful lakes and endless singletrack.

Island of the Gods


This is a unique riding adventure where rides take you on a cultural journey into the mountains and hills of authentic Bali.

Experience is Everything

Since 2001 Big Mountain Bike Adventures is the pioneer of performance mountain bike adventures to destinations worldwide. Our itineraries are designed by professional guides and Big Mountain travel experts and lead by the very best local leaders available. Our mission is to deliver safe, quality trips with the best customer service, ensuring a trip of a lifetime.
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Skill Levels

To make sure that you are well prepared for your trip, please read the following ability guidelines carefully. It is important that you speak with us prior to booking your trip. Call us Toll Free in North America: 1-866-894-0220 or drop us an email: info@ridebig.com.

Each trip’s ability level is the minimum level required for that trip.


Level 1

Exercise regularly. Are comfortable with sustained output at a relaxed pace for 3-4 hours a day for 2-4 consecutive days.

Level 2

Exercise 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes or more. Are comfortable with sustained output at athletic pace with occasional short anaerobic periods. Can ride 4-6 hours per day for 2-4 consecutive days and are comfortable pushing and hiking with the bike for sections.

Level 3

Exercise 3-4 times a week for 40 minutes are more. Are comfortable with sustained challenging pace including long periods of anaerobic exercise. Can climb for hours, ride 6+ hours a day for over 4 consecutive days with some technical hike-a-bike.

Level 4

Exercise 5 times or more a week for 40 minutes and more. Are comfortable with sustained challenging pace including long periods of anaerobic exercise for five-plus days in a row. Are possibly training for an event.



Level 1

Have ridden a mountain bike for at least ten times, are capable of controlling bike speed and direction on smooth doubletrack and rolling singletrack trails. Would embrace more riding time and would consider taking a lesson to help prepare for the trip.

Level 2

Have been mountain biking for at least one year, can climb and descend under control on moderately steep singletrack with loose rocks. Can ride with mild exposure at times. Would embrace more riding time and would consider taking a lesson to help prepare for the trip.

Level 3

Have been mountain biking for over two years, are confident riding all types of singletrack, are able to ride small drops and jumps and descend technical steep sections including rocks drops and uneven roots. Can ride confidently with exposure.

Level 4

Have been mountain biking for over five years, can ride very technical trails and including jumps, drops and narrow elevated trail sections. Can ride confidently with exposure.

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